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Beyond the Chakra Rainbow

The History & Future of Vibrational Healing

A self-guided online course detailing the history of the Western chakra system, a comparative analysis of Eastern and Western chakra models, and the evolution of vibrational healing outside of the Western chakra model. This course is vital for anyone wishing to move beyond the dogma of the current "chakra balancing" model of vibrational healing and into greater effectiveness and knowledge about the human energy systems!

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What You’ll Learn

History of the Chakras

What is the origin of the chakra model and how did it originally develop and apply to spirituality?

East & West

How did the Western chakra system evolve and how is it different to the Eastern origins?

Human Vibrationa

What other vibrational systems are there in the body and how do they apply in healing and spiritual growth?

Beyond the Rainbow

How is vibrational healing and spiritual growth evolving beyond the Western chakra model in the new decade?